Malaysia’s franchise business growing despite challenges
Malaysia’s Franchise Business Growing Despite Challenges

Date : 08/08/2016                                                                           Source : BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s franchise business is still growing despite the market challenges due to the global economic uncertainties as Malaysians are always eager in doing business.

Perbadanan Nasional Bhd’s (PNS) managing director, Datuk Syed Kamarulzaman Syed Zainol Khodki Shahabudin, said there are many people who are looking for ways to make money by creating business and acquiring franchise is one safe bet.

“PNS will continue to collaborate with international companies to look for brands from abroad to bring into Malaysia to offer Malaysians opportunities select product close to their hearts and suitable for them.

“We are growing, looking at the big franchise company like Retail Food Group Ltd (RFG) that regards Malaysia as potential growth as they continue to offer brand options to bring in,” he told Bernama at the launch of RFG’s regional barista competition here.

RFG’s Chief Franchise Officer, Mike Gilbert, said the company carries about 12 brands systems in over 2,400 outlets, with Gloria Jean’s Coffees its biggest chain internationally with over 1,000 outlets available in 40 markets worldwide.

Malaysia’s franchise business growing despite challenges

Gloria Jean’s brand was made possible in Malaysia upon acquisition of the Master Franchise Rights by Myfranchise, an investment arm under PNS.

Gilbert said the coffee brand is eyeing to grow 1,000 more outlets across the world and Malaysia and China were among the countries identified as the growth engines.

“Malaysia and surrounding countries have been an exciting areas for us particularly, as they present big opportunities for our other brands as well.

“We are looking at partnerships in various form, either franchise system, equipment supplies, as there are a lot of supply opportunities in this part of the world for our network of 2,500 outlets cutting across different type of food categories and store forms,” said Gilbert.

Syed Kamarulzaman said PNS is also looking for opportunities to have international franchisors, such as RFG, to set up their hubs here in Malaysia leveraging on the location and ecosytems which will make it easier to support regional expansion.

He said as the group is growing extensively, PNS is also tapping opportunities for other Malaysian manufacturers like furniture and other supplies to collaborate with the companies.

Syed Kamarulzaman said PNS is also working at introducing Malaysian brands to FRG in an effort to explore ways to bring out more of the country’s brands to international market. — BERNAMA

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